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"MIAMI VICE" (2006) Review

When I had first heard that Michael Mann had filmed a remake of the 1984-1989 classic crime drama, "MIAMI VICE", I was excited. Despite the disappointing way it went off the air, I had remained a big favorite of the show – especially its first two seasons. Read more... )
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Below are images from "MIAMI VICE", the 2006 adaptation of the 1984-1989 NBC television series. Directed by Michael Mann, the movie starred Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell: Read more... )
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"DUE DATE" (2010) Review

I have always been a fan of road trip movies. This come from a love of long-distance traveling that I managed to acquire over the years. Some of my favorite movies have featured road trips - ”IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT”, ”SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT”, ”MIDNIGHT RUN” and even ”PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES”. Because of this, I looked forward to seeing ”DUE DATE”, Todd Phillips' 2010 movie that starred Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis. Read more... )
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Below are images from the 2010 comedy called "DUE DATE". Directed by Todd Phillips, the movie starred Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis: Read more... )
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"THE KINGDOM" (2007) Movie Review

Based upon a real life incident regarding a terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh Compound Bombings), ”THE KINGDOM” tells the story of an FBI Counterterrorist unit sent to Saudi Arabia to investigate a terrorist attack upon an American compound in Saudi Arabia. Read more... )
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Below is a gallery featuring photos from the 2007 political thriller, "THE KINGDOM". Directed by Peter Berg, the movie starred Jamie Foxx: Read more... )
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"DREAMGIRLS" (2006) Review

When I first learned that "DREAMGIRLS"’ eight Academy Award nominations did not include one for Best Picture and a Best Director nod for Bill Condon, it seemed pretty odd to me. The movie, based upon the 1981 Broadway musical, had already won plenty of accolades – including a Best Musical/Comedy Picture and two other Golden Globe awards. Was it possible that "DREAMGIRLS" had failed to live up to its hype? Read more... )
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Below is a gallery of photos from the 2006 Academy Award winning musical, "DREAMGIRLS". The movie, which I had written a REVIEW of is set in the 1960s and 70s, starred Jamie Foxx, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Hudson, Danny Glover and Eddie Murphy: Read more... )


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